Solstice Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020

The new moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer (aka Solstice Solar Eclipse) happens today on a 9♣️ day. If you’re born today, YOU are a 9♣️, Happy Birthday!!! 🥂 So what does this mean for everyone??? This is a new beginning for us all. With the Q♥️ & 6♦️ Karma cards, this an energy of Completion. Something ending in your life so something new can LIVE. This is a passion for family and coming together so many of you may be mentally inspired to come together with your family & friends. There is also a possibility that this brings some ending to family drama or at the very least, is the catalyst that brings about the beginning of the end of the drama within your family dynamics. With the 6♦️ Karma card, you may find that debts are being settled within your family from past issues. Truths are being spoken & people are acting with more integrity. If you’ve made a promise that has gone unfulfilled, or anyone has promised you something & hasn’t fulfilled their word, this is the time that they are being called to the carpet and having to pay up (financially, personally or emotionally). The Q♥️ is the Mother card, but this card can represent politics, addictions, laziness. So for many of you healing and dealing with family issues this may have to do with your mother, especially if their is some kind of addiction ( sex, drugs) or laziness in her parenting where there may have been an unfilled void involved in the breakdown of your relationships. On a political scale, this could mean the Government paying up and settling debts that are long overdue to sway political votes. This energy will have an emphasis on a new future for your family dynamic, your home and bring mental clarity for us all. -Luckii Sevens #cardology #luckii7tarot

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