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What Is Cardology?

Cardology is the study of the mystical science of playing cards. Cardology is an ancient calendar for Mother Earth and those that Inhabit Her. It is a multi-dimensional code for all of life.  Ancient Egyptians referred to this calendar as "The Calendar of Good & Bad Days,"  we know it as "The Karma Calendar" and in more modern terminology, Cardology.


Cardology predates Tarot and uses Cartomancy, Astrology & Numerology to provide one of the most in-depth forecasts into the future & the past- aligning them in the present moment.

What is your Birth Card?

Each living thing has a Birth Card, also known as your Sun Card.  Your Birth Card never changes and it is used to describe your personality traits and Karma in this lifetime.  You can use this knowledge to unlock the blessings that come with each card in it's highest expression.  

Use the map below to find your Birth card, using the Month and Day of your birth. 

What Is Your Card?
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